Las 21 Social 1/2 Predicciones para el 2011, según Eric Qualman

1.- Facebook will go public and make the current $50 billion dollar valuation look like a bargain. Mark Zuckerberg remains as CEO rather than hire someone with more experience like Yahoo and Google did in the past. 5.- Companies will try to determine how best to integrate with the explosion of social gaming. 6.-Twitter will be acquired, most likely by a media company like CNN. Twitter has proven successful when coordinating closely with major events on television (e.g., World Cup, helping resurrect MTV Video Music Awards from the dead, etc.). With its new platform, Twitter is poised to make money. However, can it avoid becoming the next Digg? 11.- Social media technologies will start to consolidate and only the strong will survive: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. (Sorry, Foursquare, MySpace, Orkut, Gowalla, etc.)

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